2009 // open your ears

In 2009/10 Les Femmes Savantes collaborated with the Konzerthaus, Berlin, on the project open your ears as part of ohrenstrand.net. Pieces by the five composers, all of which were premiered at the Konzerthaus on 21.1.2010, were realized with school students, a semi-professional choir, and professional musicians.

The following individual collaborations emerged:

sound alike I. Sabine Ercklentz
for 9 instruments and recorded sound, with students from the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Gymndasium, Berlin; Theo Nabicht (bass clarinet); Ekkehard Windrich (violin)

on the road. Hanna Hartman
performance with objects, with students from the Tagore Schule, Berlin; Theo Nabicht (bass clarinet), Ekkehard Windrich (violin)

mimic. Ute Wassermann
sound installation with the voices of singers who participated in mimic I/II

mimic I. Ute Wassermann
for two 6-voice mixed choirs (Vokalwerk Berlin – Maike Bühle, conductor)

mimic II. Ute Wassermann
for 12-voice mixed choir

Alex. Ana Maria Rodriguez
for percussion and video, with Alexandre Babel (percussion) and Björn Speidel (video)

X Akteure. Andrea Neumann
for 7 performers and recorded sound, with students from the Kurt Schwitters Oberschule, Berlin