Spidersilk 2014
Concert in the festival Heroines of Sounds premiere
11 June 2014 at the Berghain Kantine, Berlin
31 July in Hagen, Sweden

The 30-minute ensemble composition Spider Silk was premiered on the occasion of Les Femmes Savantes’ performance at Heroines of Sounds.
In the collective performative composition Spider Silk, Les Femmes Savantes weave a constantly transforming, net-like structure by means of transparent and multilayered sounds. As in a kaleidoscope, sounds from the performative actions of individual musicians are reflected and transformed among the group, and cannot always be distinctly classified or attributed to one person or the other. Consequently, the composition’s net-like structure is once again reflected in LFS’s sound material. Various constellations from solo to quintet are integrated into a tutti segment.

Duo 1, Hartman / Neumann: Hanna Hartman causes Andrea Neumann’s inside piano to make sounds by playing acoustic objects that are placed onto the strings. Andrea Neumann alters these sounds and integrates them into the sounds she herself produces on the inside piano.

Duo 2, Ercklentz / Wassermann: Sabine Ercklentz and Ute Wassermann link trumpet and vocal sounds to form a mutual, cross-influenced sound: the trumpeter plays different sounds, from white noise to set notes of varying pitch, into a microphone that is connected by cable to a (red) miniature speaker, whose sounds are then emitted from the vocalist’s mouth. The vocalist uses mouth movements to modulate the mouthspeaker’s sounds as well as the feedback arising in the process.

Solo, Ana Maria Rodriguez: Ana Maria Rodriguez has fastened to her laptop a postcard on which can be seen a drawing of a woman’s head with a mouth characterized by a red tangle of cables. This motif connects visually with the red mouthspeaker from Duo 2. Ana Maria Rodriguez projects videos and generates live electronic sounds on her laptop.

In the tutti segment, LFS pick up sound material from the duos /solo. The material is continued, magnified and elaborated in a collective composition process.