2010 // Klangwerkstatt 2010

In the year 2010 Les Femmes Savantes placed their focus on ensemble works. During an intensive rehearsal phase, the group developed new pieces containing several unusual acoustic inventions, such as sound-producing porridge, gyrating metal cones that determine a pulse, and a singing gong. Here, the characteristics of Les Femmes Savantes’ acoustic language once again included performative elements, the spatial distribution of sounds, live electronics, and unusual, expanded instrumental and vocal techniques.

Ute Wassermann, strange creatures I for voice and black grouse whistle
Ana Maria Rodriguez, Distancia(s) II for whistles and trumpets
Ute Wassermann, small words I for four performers
Hanna Hartman / Sabine Ercklentz, Breakfast for Trumpet, for porridge and trumpet
Sabine Ercklentz, sound-alike 2 for trumpet and recorded sounds
Andrea Neumann, LFS 5 for voice, trumpet, objects, computer, inside piano, and recorded sounds, with text fragments from Molière’s Les Femmes Savantes (The Learned Ladies)

Distancia(s) II
Composition: Ana Maria Rodriguez
Live Klangwerkstatt

2008 // Ostseebienale für Klangkunst Ystad

4 Akteure Remix. Sabine Ercklentz / Hanna Hartman / Ana Maria Rodriguez
for 4 performers and recorded sound
premiere 13.9.2008, Kunstmuseum Ystad, Sweden

dich tholen II. Hanna Hartman / Sabine Ercklentz / Andrea Neumann
for objects, trumpet, and inside piano
premiere 13.9.2008, Kunstmuseum Ystad, Sweden

2006 // Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik

For a period of three days, the musicians of Les Femmes Savantes assumed the roles of both composer and performer in performances that interacted with several spaces at Haus Witten. Each concert was concentrated on a particular aspect of Les Femmes Savantes’ artistic work: Aus-Klang stood for a typical concert situation; under the title Overlook, visual / object-based performative performances were shown; the performances included in Kontext brought sounds into an expanded relationship between movement / gesture and text; in Ausdehnung (dimension) compositions were presented which had been developed site-specifically or which fathomed a defined acoustic field for instruments and for voice.

05.05.2006 (1) Aus-Klang
Ana Maria Rodriguez | dès… | 2006
for trumpet and live electronics | premiere performance
Andrea Neumann/Ute Wassermann | battery live | 2006
for inside piano and voice | p.p.
Ana Maria Rodriguez | code_switching | 2004
for voice, computer, and speaker system

06.05.2006 (2) Overlook
Ute Wassermann | fausse voix | 2006
for voice and prepared gong | p.p.
Hanna Hartman | Arba Da Karba | 2006
for objects | DE

06.05.2006 (3) Kontext
Andrea Neumann | 4 Akteure | 2006
for four actors and recorded sound | p.p.
Ana Maria Rodriguez / Ute Wassermann | tu misma | 2006
for voice, trumpet, and live electronics | p.p.

07.05.2006 (4) Ausdehnung
Sabine Ercklentz | stündlich | 2006
for two instruments, voice, real-sound director, and recorded sound | p.p.
Sabine Ercklentz/Andrea Neumann | Pruh II | 2006
for voice and instruments | p.p.

4 Akteure video documentation 2007

Ute Wassermann / „Fausse Voix“