2012 //Kopfhörerkonzert (headphone concert)

In contrast to a conventional concert situation, there is no commonly shared hearing space. Instead, the hearing space is located between the listener’s ears, so to speak—in their head. This hearing space is characterized by exceptional closeness and directness.

In the performative works of the five artists, microstructures consisting of very quiet, noise-like acoustic phenomena are magnified and explored as if under a microscope. The sound-sources can be amplified objects as well as instruments. Intentionally artificial hearing spaces are created.

Berlin: Corruptive Climate ausland – Sophiensaele – reboot.fm
7 December 2012

Porto: Museo Serralves
16 June 2013

Documentation of Kopfhörerkonzert, Museo Serralves 16. Juni 2013

Simultaneous occurrences for inside piano and 8 hands

Paradies for voice, trumpet