Gären Kochen Brodeln 2013

Concert-installation with the ensemble Les Femmes Savantes and the light artist Michael Vorfeld

at KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst / Center for contemporary art

The concert performance Gären Kochen Brodeln (ferment boil seethe) by Les Femmes Savantes was conceived site-specifically (and produced on-site) for the South Building of the former Kindl Brewery in Berlin-Neukölln. In this project, the ensemble’s particular acoustic language and instrumentarium are set in a relation with the unique acoustics of the space. In live performances and sound installations, interactions with both the main room and the interior of the gigantic south kettle give rise to sound. The specific architecture of the South Building becomes the focus of attention by means of performative elements such as movements in space, gestures, facial expressions, video installations, and live light-actions (Michael Vorfeld).

Funded by the INM (Initiative Neue Musik e.V.), Berlin.

Les Femmes Savantes_Kindl Brauerei from KNM Berlin on Vimeo.

Sound samples
Maischen (mashing) (Neumann, Wassermann)

[audio:http://plaegraund.com/wps/femmes-savantes/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Ute-Andrea-Aussschnitt-für-web.mp3|titles=Ute Andrea Aussschnitt für web]

“In the magical kitchen: Les femmes savantes at the Kindl Brewery”
“. . . reverently, the women walk through rows of spectators. Whispering, they read from old schoolbooks, telling how brewers used to add herbs in the old days—against witches. In the half-light between kettles, you get the feeling you’re in a magical kitchen. Sabine Ercklentz coaxes boiling sounds from her trumpet. The Swedish sound artist Hanna Hartman lays out dished pulleys—if you sit on them, a bubbling sound emerges from under your bottom. Quietly, bottles rattle on tape, while Andrea Neumann sends electronic thunder through the hall, upon which all six copper kettles begin to vibrate. With their sensory concert performance, Les femme savantes pay homage to the formidably prestigious architecture, and to its history.”

(Anna Pataczek, Der Tagesspiegel)

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