Highway Identification System (Les Femmes Savantes, 2015)
Konzertperformance im Ballhaus Ost, Berlin

Octupus Weaving Part 1 & 2 (Les Femmes Savantes, 2015)

Blind Date (Wassermann, Ercklentz, 2015)

Gären Kochen Brodeln (Les Femmes Savantes, 2013)

Kopfhörerkonzert (Les Femmes Savantes, 2013)

Distancia(s) II (Ana Maria Rodriguez, 2010)

Glücklich auf dem Weg nach unten (Hanna Hartman, 2010)

x Akteure

4 Akteure (Andrea Neumann, 2006)


Concert Kontraklang, Les Femmes Savantes at Heimathafen, Berlin (2016)

CD Les Femmes Savantes
released on olofbright



by Guillaume Tarche

„Les Femmes Savantes, formed in 2005, brings together Berlin-based musicians from Germany, Sweden, and Argentina who are active in the fields of improvisation, electronics, and performance as well as in contemporary music.

The eight short compositions in this edition (most of them recorded in 2011) are flawlessly produced. Revealing their wide range of configurations, from quintet to solo, the group showcases a collective engagement with a fascinating kind of music-making in the style/form of a women’s artists’ collective. The listener is transported right to the heart of the dynamic spatial sound distribution and finds themself quite close to the instruments: details, energetic combinations, tone colors, textures, and equally explicit rhythms swarm and tingle. The sceeching, disjointed and porous way Sabine Ercklentz (trumpet), Hanna Hartman (amplified objects), Andrea Neumann (inside piano, mixer), Ute Wassermann (voice), and Ana Maria Rodriguez (electronics) process the world gives occasion to swoon.”